Tuesday, 13 March 2012

CAS Card

This is the first ever CAS card that I have done. (CAS - Clean and Simple) 
I found this style to be very difficult for me. Everything depends on a few items, and they must be such that there is impact. It must also be balanced, coordinated and CLEAN. No stray ink stains, no accidental blotches as they will show up starkly.

I had to do a male card, which is itself a challenge, and since the intended recipient is a no-nonsense kind of man, I thought CAS would be best. 

I spent more time than I had intened just getting the elements together. Getting the right color combination for the strips of narrow paper, and arranging them. Vertical or horizontal? Should I put a layering piece below? What color would that be?

After I had put them together, it didn't look like anything I had envisioned. So I had to add more to make it look complete. That was the brain-draining, mind-wrecking part of the whole cardmaking. How to add more things without cluttering it up (therefore no longer CAS) and keep it musculine too.
In the end, I added white paper strings.....

Well, I'm rather happy with the final result, although I think it will be a while before I attempt more CAS cards.

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